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The Importance Of Light In Design

Have you ever noticed that being in a place with well-lit and inviting light uplifts [...]

Color Theory In Interior Design 

Designing our home is a lot more than furniture, drapery, and artwork. Whether shifting into [...]

What Is Trauma-Informed Design?

You might be wondering how trauma is related to design. With the emergence of trauma-informed [...]

A Toxin-Free Environment For Your Home

When moving toward a healthier lifestyle, we prioritize our diet, mental health, and physical health, [...]

Create Your Perfect Self-Care Space At Home

Wondering how to create your perfect self-care space at home? No, we are not addressing [...]

The Psychology of Interior Design

Have you ever walked into a cozy restaurant and felt instantly at home? Or checked [...]

Kitchen Styles to Consider for Your New Home

Let’s talk kitchen styles! When you move into a new property, the kitchen is often [...]


        If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we turn to our homes first to [...]

Kitty Corners and Dog Days: Pets and Interior Design

From sly Sylvester to affable Snoopy, pets complete the picture of a happy household. Keeping [...]

Travel Tales: Bringing a Piece of the Globe Into Home Interiors

In the past year, the world came to a grinding halt as plans, travel, and [...]

Home Improvement Tips For The New Year

During this uncertain COVID time, we want to welcome the New Year more than ever [...]

The New Home Office

We have recently borne witness to a paradigm shift in the office culture. With the [...]

Summertime Blues

 We absolutely love being a part of the Laguna Beach community and especially love celebrating [...]

Spatial Design and Your Home

Designing for a home environment can be a challenge when you are trying to achieve [...]