Scandinavian Sanctuary

Planning interior spaces begin with a story and end with a home. We here at Duffek Design transform spaces into environments that represent the core values of the people that inhabit them. Clean lines, simple whites, and open spaces are some of our favorite things in this Scandinavian Sanctuary.

Scandinavian modern style emerged in the 1950s alongside the modernist movement in Europe and America. Its style is democratic, affordable, and contains sleek furnishings and interiors. The Scandinavian modern style is influenced by the Nordic region’s cold, short winter days and a neutral palette making interiors cozy and bright.

Scandinavian style is for the minimalist who craves functionality without sacrificing beauty. Scandinavian-style rooms have no haunting superfluous items meaning everything has a place and miscellaneous items are nowhere to be found.

Portfolio_Douglas-Residence-1200x800 Scandinavian Sanctuary