We have a well-established relationship with the Fine Art community and enjoy working with a variety of artists on a wide array of projects.

Commissioned art is available for exclusive licensed product, design exhibitions, collaborations with retailers, or special projects. Many of our commercial and hospitality interior design installations also include original pieces created specifically for a client’s space.

In addition to representing a plethora of artists and designers, Deana Duffek, an artist herself, has established a unique setting for other artists to thrive. Her team utilizes art for licensed products and interior projects that reveal concepts in modern translations of nature, local communities, and abstract expressionism.

With a focus on Product Development, Interior Design and Fine Art, a unique synergy between the disciplines is established, enabling the optimum potential for showcasing various art applications. Clients and artists experience a cohesion that successfully brings the symbiotic relationship of ART + DESIGN into life and style.

In partnership with a variety of artists and with the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, we are happy to present our featured artist program:

Featured Artist - Shane Townley

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